About me

After studying as a goldsmith and jeweller, I had the opportunity to go through many production processes in three different goldsmith ́s workshops. Moreover, I have also visited many jewellers around the world, which at the end gave me enough experience to define my own and unique way of craftsmanship.

The origin of a quality piece of jewellery is a long process that fascinates me greatly. It begins with the design and continues through the manual production of gold sheet and wire, the insertion of stones under a microscope, engraving, polishing and ends with galvanization with platinum metal for jewellery made of white gold.

I have never really been a big fan of production simplification in the form of jewellery casting and 3D printing and that is why I have always been focused the most on the original craftsmanship that enables to achieve the highest quality of jewellery possible. Having said that, I have decided to follow the path of fully manual jewellery production using the
original jewellery techniques. Therefore, it is not possible to produce large quantities of jewellery in a small workshop in the heart of Vysocina.

Every piece of jewellery that I create is an original product. During my 25 years of experience, I am constantly trying to improve in secrets of the jewellery craft.

Creating quality jewellery needs time.